Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Days In - The Plan

Alrighty, so I started working on this whole "eat better, get moving" thing about 4 or 5 days ago.

The weekend before I started, I binged like crazy!!

Gee, Kimm, I thought you were trying to eat healthy and better yourself?

YES! I am and have I mentioned how utterly excited I am to be bettering myself?!?!?!?!?!

<3 <3 <3
But, there are some foods that I'm banishing for awhile and will only be allowing back in for brief, special occasion visits, so I had to bid them a proper farewell.

Been obsessed w/these babies practically since birth.
Tell me that doesn't look good?!?!?!

Mmmm, chocolaatteee.. (in a Homer Simpson voice)

Might of been easier to just post this? lol
So after I bid my lovelies goodbye, I started bright and early Monday morning with the pieces I've decided on as my new routine!  My overall goal is to reach a place where I'm able to make good food choices w/the occasional, moderate, splurge for something not so healthy.  The splurges will wait tho, for now I'm stripping them out and adding some new things to boost the initial weight loss!

* EAT BREAKFAST!!!!  - I know this is super important and something I either skip entirely or skip due to laziness and then end up eating something really shitty due to starvation.  The reason for this is simple, there's limited time in the morning and my breakfast is low on the priority list.  In order to solve this issue, I decided on Carnation Instant Breakfast and Low Fat Milk.  It's super quick and it doesn't taste too bad, but it doesn't really fill me up.  For now tho, it's a start!

* "SPECIAL" DRINKS - I read a great "trick" to weight loss is to drink hot water mixed w/honey and lime juice.  The drink is suppose to jump start your metabolism.  Ok, it's worth a shot!  And anyone who's read any type of weight loss mumbo jumbo knows that Green Tea is good for your metabolism as well, so let's have some of that too! 

* THE NO'S: Soda, Candy, Fried Foods, Sweets/Pastries

For now, those are the gist of my "rules" during this transition to eating like shit versus treating my body better.  I will continue to drink my low carb or sugar free Monsters, 2 a day, it's an addiction.  As for my meals, they will be good, well thought out choices every time.  Snacks will be kept to a minimum and be health conscious as well.  A bad habit of mine is to eat after practice, but one of the new rules is, no eating after seven.  And, of course, lots and lots of water!

Haha, bet you'll never think the same about drinking out of a water bottle again!
That covers the food, now onto the get moving part!  My goal is to get moving AT LEAST 30 mins per day.  Not only does physical activity help you out health wise, it's great for mental attitude!!  I'm currently skating three times a week, so I just need to cover myself the other four days.  I have numerous easy options, my elliptical, walking the dog, skating at a park or picking up a practice.  I can't afford a gym membership right now, but I think these things are good starters for sure!  Once again, I'm not doing some crash course to loose weight quick, I'm trying to make small changes over time to get long lasting results.

An apple never looked so delicious!  ;)


Have an awesome one peeps, thanks for reading!

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